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Happy Birthday To My Queen Ana de Armas

Today should be a world-wide holiday as far as I’m concerned. It’s Ana De Armas’ birthday and we should all be celebrating. How in the world is she 31? I would have said 25 and not a day older. I love you Ana, Bond 25 cannot get here quicker. I’ve never been more jealous of a person than I am currently of Daniel Craig. With no exaggeration I would let her lock me in a cage and do whatever she wants to me. Oh I don’t eat on the weekends? Fine. Throw your phone away? Sure. Never see your family ever again? Where do I sign? Ana if you see this, follow me on Insta @Eric_Hubbs and let’s become friends.

VERY NSFW sex scenes of Ana’s that will get you fired if you open them at work. Enjoy later.