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Beat My Fan Duel Team And I'll Give You $1,000

I’m so confident in this squad, I can’t imagine finishing any lower than 2nd place. And I’d be so shocked if that happens, I’ll give you my second place winnings of $1,000. The reality is this right here is the 1st place squad. $1,200 coming my way. But like I said, anyone who beats me gets $1,000 cash from me. Considering the past couple weeks I’ve come in like 220th place, this seems like it should be a serious risk for me. If I have to shell out $200,000 because my team sucks again, I’d be very, very upset. But like I said, thats how confident I am in this squad right here.

$25 buy in. 221 spots. $6,000 in prizes – 1st $1,200, 2nd $1,000, 3rd $800. Payouts all the way down to 26th place.