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KFC Radio Episode 40 Part 2 - The Most Diabolical MFK of All Time

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Marry Fuck Kill:

Crisco Face:

Botched Boob Job Woman:

Tan Mom:

The MFK voting thing is all fucked up since we run the worst technological website in the history of the internet. But I figured we could do this either way. Gotta be the first time in the history of the game that Tan Mom has absolutely been the most desirable chick in an MFK. I guess when you pair her up with 2 non-human monsters though, that will happen. I think you gotta Marry Tan Mom. After that its a fucking coin flip. And awful awful coin flip. I’d rather just kill myself. But if you’re gonna force me to pic, I think I’m gonna have to Fuck Boob Job and Kill Crisco Face. Boob Job is a heinous old woman with the worst knockers in history, but Crisco Face is straight out of my nightmares. Almost reminds me of Bloody Face from American Horror Story or something. Just as gruesome as it gets.