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The Sixers Should Consider Signing This Philly Cop For The Rest Of The Playoffs

It’s no secret that the Sixers struggle at times in the halfcourt. It’s also no secret that the Sixers don’t necessarily have the deepest bench in the world. It was nice to see some contributions out of guys like Greg Monroe, James Ennis III and Mike Scott over the last few games. But let’s not kid ourselves here. When the starting 5 aren’t out there together, everybody is just waiting for this team to get down by 20.

So what do the Sixers need? Somebody who can come off the bench and create their own offense. Which is exactly what this Philly PD officer would provide.

You saw that step back. The tape doesn’t lie. The Sixers need a white guy right now who is extra wet. JJ has made a few big shots here and there but he also gets ice cold. TJ needs to be on the bench to keep the morale high. So in comes this cop to save the day. Bet he’d hit a 3 before Ben Simmons. All I’m saying is that I’d feel extra comfortable in the Sixers closing this series against Toronto out in just 5 games if you have this cop coming off the bench. You have the right to remain wet, sir.