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BU Rent A Cop Arrests A Kid For Hitting Him With A Snowball During Snowball Fight On Esplanade


BOSTON (CBS) A Boston University student was arrested after a massive snowball fight Friday night. Police say the student, who is not being identified, allegedly hit an officer with a snowball. Video posted to YouTube shows a police officer chasing the man through the crowd and before arresting him. The incident happened as BU police were dispersing a crowd of students at the Esplanade during the blizzard Friday night.

Here is the million dollar question with this story. If this was a real cop would he have arrested this kid for hitting him with a snowball? I don’t think so. I think it was just because it was a campus cop. Because campus cops need to fight for every inch of respect they can get. A real cop can probably laugh it off. Be like what the hell….it’s a blizzard, I’m in the middle of a snowball fight. I’ll live. But not a campus cop. They are so insecure about the fact that they aren’t real cops that they need to smash your face into the snow and cuff you just to prove they can.

PS – Got to love the hardos wearing ski goggles to a snowball fight