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Best Of The Best GTA Week 16 - Voting Now Open

2 Time Defending Champ Jessie Rogers


The Contender, from Barstool Boston, Mermaid Amber:

Barstool Sports! The only place where you’ll find Porn Stars and a chick who calls herself a Mermaid and we, collectively, will judge the quality of their asses! Jessie Rogers has gotten more run then I thought she was going to. I thought she was gonna be one and done. But I think that up close shot from the ground up is carrying her. That one shot is right up there with the few pictures Leanna Bartlett used to ride to titles week after week. If I were a voting man I’d take Mermaid Amber. Loving the tan lines and I like this thong-pulled-down-around-my-ass look. Should be a real nail biter folks! Lets vote!

Vote 1 for the Champ Jessie Rogers Vote 10 for the contender Mermaid Amber

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