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KO Barstool Chicks Don't Even Know How To Insult Me Right


So I took a picture with yesterday’s smokeshow at Lupos and when I went to put her gallery together I noticed the picture was on her wall. I almost puked looking at myself. No way I can be this hideous looking in real life right?  I mean nice face bro. And to make matters worse there was a chick from KO Barstool just obliterating me. Saying how her Women’s studies class which is obviously all KO sluts were saying how I was the antichrist and shit. But honestly it shows you how stupid KO Barstool chicks are. Like all this slut had to do was say “ew, look how ugly he is” and she wins. I would have been instantly crippled. A broken man. But nope. She didn’t even mention it. Just rambled on about shit that I know makes no sense.  Stupid KO chicks.  Don’t even know how to hurt me yet.

PS –  I’ll say the same thing I’ve said to every feminist group who has ever gotten their hairy armpits in a bunch over me. I’ll show up to debate you anytime, anyplace, anywhere. It’s real easy to sound like you know what you’re talking about in a classroom filled with crazy bitches all drinking the feminist Koolaid and nobody there to give a differing point of view.