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SNY's Kirk Giminez Has Better Twitter Game Than JR Smith

NYDNOops, anchor Kirk Gimenez for SportsNet New York had a direct message disaster Thursday night. Gimenez accidently tweeted to his fans a message that was clearly meant for one person’s eyes only. The anchor appeared to have panicked after the slip-up and has since deleted his Twitter account.

Do it, Kirk! You Marc Anthony looking motherfucker! Sext that mamacita!

I’ll be perfectly honest I don’t even know what this gibberish means. “Winning Boobs?” As opposed to losing boobs? Were they playing a game? Did he actually win her boobs? And what the fuck does Ike have to do with this? Is Kirk Giminez banging Ike Davis’ sloppy seconds? If so, I applaud Kirk’s honesty. He’s just like, listen I may not be Ike, but what can you do? Thats what I like to call managing expectations. Set the bar low. “I like boobs. Don’t get your hopes up. I’m just Kirk Jiminez. Would you please meet me in 5 minutes? Seriously, I’m begging you. I need this.” Nailed it, Kirk! Nothin gets the panties wet like a 0 out of 10 on the confidence scale.

PS – Shutting down your whole twitter account is such an amazing reaction. Deleting the tweet wasn’t enough. Kirk Giminez was just like, fuck it! I’m out! SHUT IT DOWN! Taffer style.