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Sixers With That Gut Check W - Series Tied At 1 On The Way Back To Philly


Gut. Check. W. Here’s to hoping Drake is gonna be in a Sixers jersey by Game 5. Jimmy Butler has taken games over all season, and the Sixers needed the dominating effort from him tonight down the stretch tonight. Buckets deserves a lot of credit, but the heart was there from the entire team from the jump. The Sixers held the Raptors to 17 first quarter points and 38 after two..and still only led by 13 at halftime. Good, I suppose, but they could’ve been up by 20+ if it weren’t for 13 turnovers, getting outscored 24-14 in the paint and Emiid’s 4 points (not to mention JJ Redick airballing threes – Plural). Still though, gotta give credit to Brett Brown for at least making some adjustments coming into the game (even though he must’ve pissed on himself during halftime). In Game 1, Kawhi was 12-13 vs Butler, Ennis, and Harris. In Game 2, Brown had Ben guard up Kawhi and made Leonard into just an above average basketball player instead of a God-like basketball figure who could smite all of mankind.

Ben Simmons gonna heart and hustle on D. Embiid gonna get those angry squirts. Jimmy Butler gonna Jimmy Butler. Gut check W. We’ll take it. CUE IT!


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