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CJ McCollum Compares The Night King To LeBron During Interview Rant About Game of Thrones

One of those ‘stars just like us!’ moments. CJ McCollum was flustered by Game of Thrones. In fact he sort of had the same reaction I did while watching it. The ending was awesome. There were some really cool parts to the episode. But, there’s just so many questions left.

I did lose it a bit when he gets going on Bran. You can tell this is the moment he gets flustered. Like pretty much every other person in the world I’ve seen or spoken to, they want to know why Bran is just flying around as the three-eyed raven during the battle. The hell is he doing?

But, like the rest of us, McCollum had to make a comparison. This one is perfect. The Night King was going to take his talents to King’s Landing. The Night King just resurrecting bodies like LeBron does his friends. Hello, James Jones. Hello, Richard Jefferson. Hello, Channing Frye. Hello, Mike Miller. Taking those guys to titles. Then it all goes to shit. I mean, sure, he won a title down 3-1. But, this is Miami Night King.


How about the person clapping during the interview? That person spent all day bitching about how the episode was filmed. That person 100% had a bunch of tweets saying they couldn’t see shit. I don’t blame them. But you can tell that struck something.

I need CJ to start breaking down and comparing Game of Thrones characters to more NBA people.