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The Boston Slam Is No Longer Just A Pipe Dream. Instead It’s Looking Like A Forgone Conclusion

So I started talking about the mythical “Boston Slam” the second the Patriots won the Superbowl. People laughed and scoffed and acted like it was a fairytale. Well guess what? Nobody is laughing now. The Red Sox and the Pats are in the books. Right now the Bruins are the favorites to win the Stanly Cup and the Celtics look virtually unbeatable. It’s literally the rest of the countries worst nightmare coming to life. A city that has been on top of the world for the last 20 years seemingly getting ready to pull off our greatest trick yet… The Boston Slam.

I mean imagine that. Four straight parades. Our 14th title since 2000. Something no other city could ever dream of let alone accomplish. To say that Boston is the sports capital of the world doesn’t do justice to just how dominant we are. I’m not writing this blog to brag or rub people’s noses in it. In fact quite the opposite. Boston fans need to appreciate the era we are living in. We are kings of the world and in the middle of the most dominant run in the history of mankind. Soak it up, enjoy it and never take it for granted how great it is to be from Boston. Now let’s finish the deal.