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And The Plot Thickens

Well I couldn’t have been more wrong about tonight. Tomas Vokoun did everything I said he wasn’t going to. Nabby did his best Fleury impression tonight, but the rest of the team around him came out totally flat. Not much more to say about that one.

But nobody said it would be easy. Beating one of the most stacked teams in recent history as an 8 seed isn’t a walk in the park. If you would have told me before this series started that Pittsburgh would win at home game to take a 3-2 lead, I would have signed for that in a heartbeat. The Isles have been able to bounce back from every single punch the Pens have thrown, and tonight is just gonna make it that much more dramatic when they respond to this most recent blow. Game 6 back at the Barn. Win at home, force game 7 where absolutely anything can happen.

PS – I know I’m a bandwagon fan. And I know I stir the pot and rile up plenty of people out there and make them hate me. But the number of people I’ve got chirping at me over Twitter and email and the comments hating on the Isles is absolutely sickening. If you’re not from Pittsburgh and you’re rooting against the Isles you’re despicable.