STUDY: Rich Men More Likely To Get Through Life By Pretending To Know More Than They Do

dave portnoy

(Daily Mail)–Men are more likely than women to fake expertise they don’t have – and rich men are the worst culprits when it comes to speaking with authority on topics they have no idea about, according to a new study.

Researchers call this the art of ‘BS.’

Experts at the University College of London partnered with the Australian Catholic University to measure how pervasive the BS trait is among different demographic groups, according to The Washington Post.

The tricky thing is, three of those topics were completely made up: ‘proper numbers,’ ‘subjunctive scaling’ and ‘declarative fractions.’

Anyone who said they were familiar or well-versed in the faux specialties was labelled a ‘BSer.’

A BSer is more likely to ‘display overconfidence in their academic prowess and problem-solving skills,’ the study said.

Ahhh the age ole cliche of “fake it until you make it” is now scientifically proven to help you make it. In my 33 years I’ve come to know one thing…nobody really knows anything. Everyone is faking it. And if they do know something it probably means they really only know ONE thing exceptionally well and there’s only so far you can go knowing one thing. The best thing you can do is know a little bit about everything and then just pretend to know the rest. If you get a kernal correct in a big meeting, then you can bullshit your way through until people think you’re smart in the meeting until it’s over. The most important thing you can ever say in a meeting when you get stuck or someone calls out your bullshit is that you are “directionally correct”. Nobody will EVER question that. Keep being directionally correct and according to science you’ll end up a millionaire. Is that even what this article says? I don’t know. I didn’t read it because I am a future millionaire who doesn’t have time to read more than headlines. I am pretty confident that this take is directionally correct though.