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Wife Obsessed With Trolls, Husband Says He Won't Have Sex With Her If She Doesn't Take Off Her Troll Mask

NYDN- A Los Angeles gymnast obsessed with trolls says her husband refuses to have sex unless she removes her gnarly gnome mask. That’s where he draws the line, but it doesn’t stop Michelle Kerrins, 28, from wearing the neon-haired getup everywhere else — even while doing backflips in the gymnasium. The blonde gymnastics instructor has been collecting troll dolls since she was 10 years old, she revealed in a recent episode of TLC’s “My Crazy Obsession.” Kerrins keeps the dolls — 3,000 and counting — organized in a room she calls her “sanctuary.” “The trolls make me really happy when I’m sad,” she says in a preview for the show. “So I come in here, and I see all their eyeballs. It makes me happy to know they’re all here.” Kerrins’ daughter helps her clean and organize the dolls, but doesn’t share the obsession. Her tolerant husband says she spends about three hours every morning searching for new trolls online.  The plastic dolls are tucked everywhere in the family’s California home — in the kitchen cabinets, drawers, even in the freezer. “They like to see me, and know that I’m there,” Kerrins said.

Hey listen – general rule of thumb these days is if your wife ends up on My Strange Obsession, you’re in trouble. Probably means she likes to lick her cat or she gives herself coffee enemas and drinks coffee through her asshole. Your wife collects dolls. And she likes to play dress up in the bedroom. And aside from a little bit of a rugged face and that accent, shes pretty hot. As far as I’m concerned, dude, you hit the fucking jackpot. She could be eating glass or couch cushions or be obsessed with balloons. She just collects troll dolls. We all did. I had a bunch of those creepy little motherfuckers. At one point in elementary school my room was covered with nothing but Troll Dolls and Koosh Balls. Its no big deal to take that collection to the next level.

Bottom line is she sounds kinky and probably spends all her time online finding trolls rather than nagging you. Don’t rock the boat bro. Just let her fuck you with the mask on.