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Professional Soccer Team Fights And Then Just Lets Opponent Score Because Of Sportsmanship Or Some Shit Like That

This sequence was going pretty viral yesterday so I’m sure that a lot of you have already seen it. But if not, here’s some context. Leeds United and Aston Villa both play in the 2nd tier league in England. Now I could be wrong here but maybe Leeds would have had a chance to get promoted up to the Premier League with a win yesterday. Again, could be wrong there but I think that was the gist of what I was seeing. Or at the very least, they would have a much better chance of getting promoted with a win.

So they finally score the go ahead goal, but apparently they went against some unwritten rules of futbol where you’re not supposed to score when an opposing player is down on the pitch. Apparently at that point you’re just supposed to kick it out of bounds or something. Which, considering how much these assholes dive, seems like a pretty shitty unwritten rule. I would just flop around all game and then all of a sudden the other team isn’t allowed to score out of respect. Seems like the ultimate defensive strategy there.

But apparently the players on Leeds United are way too competitive to give a damn about your silly unwritten rules of soccer. These guys want to win and they are going to play until they hear a whistle. The way that sports are meant to be played. So instead of kicking the ball out of bounds, they decided to stuff it in the back of the net to take the lead and pretty much guarantee a win since Villa was already down to just 10 men.

Unfortunately, however, that’s as far as competitive nature is allowed to go in the beautiful game. Because immediately after the goal and the scuffle that ensued, Leeds’ manager forced his team to let Villa score a goal of their own.

Are you kidding me with this shit? You want to know why the British lost the Revolutionary War? Because they’re too fucking soft. They care too much about sportsmanship and they don’t have that killer instinct. You play the game to win and you play until you hear a whistle. It’s that simple. Sportsmanship can go get bent somewhere. Sports are supposed to teach you about life. And sometimes in life, you need to take advantage of the opportunities that are handed to you. What you don’t do is blow those opportunities just because you think it’s unfair to somebody else.

And now instead of getting the points for a win, Leeds came out of there with a 1-1 draw. The same reason why the United States of America isn’t a British colony anymore. Guess we shouldn’t be that surprised. But yeah that was rewarding softness w