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A Dude Who Ran The London Marathon Dressed As Big Ben Had One Hell Of A Time Getting Across The Finish Line

Laugh out loud funny. Boy did I laugh a lot at that. The guy just could not get his giant Big Ben costume across that damn finish line. No matter how hard he tried he just couldn’t make it happen for an uncomfortable amount of time. He ran 26.2 miles just to be denied by a structure that was not planning on having a mini Big Ben run under it. I could really watch that guy struggle for hours upon hours. There was progression to how funny it was. It was funny at first when he couldn’t get under it then it was even funnier then it was kinda sad and then it was REALLY funny. If I were him I would’ve laid on the ground and waited for an ambulance. But that’s what you get when you run an entire marathon in an utterly ridiculous costume. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.