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Fuck The Black Keys


I guess it’s Feits has unpopular opnions day here at Barstool but I fucking hate The Black Keys. They’re the most overrated band since Nirvana. And this guy has the balls to say the Grammys are for “music” and Bieber isn’t music? Really dude? “Beauty and a Beat,” “Boyfreind,” “As Long As You Love Me” ever heard of them? Just three of the most popular songs of the year. Make Bieber seem like an asshole because he’s rich meanwhile your gay little band won’t even put their music on Pandora or Spotify because you don’t want people to even accidentally hear your song for free. Fuck you bro. Standing their acting like you’re some hardened musician meanwhile your publicist yelling at people that you only sign autographs in blue pen. Yeah bro, you really stayed true. Fuck you you overrated, McLovin lookin’ diva motherfucker.