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Officially Worried About Kevin Durant Staying A Warrior After Guy Fieri Offered To Cook Him An Inspirational Dinner To Not Leave

San Antonio Spurs v Golden State Warriors - Game Five

[GQ] - “Call me, KD,” Fieri told GQ. “Tell me what you need. If there is a such thing as an inspiration dinner that I need to cook to bring all the dignitaries together—all the players, his team, his mom, you name it—well, consider that meal cooked. I think anybody in the Bay Area would give whatever they can give to keep him. And he’s such a nice guy. It’s more than just a player—it’s the character, the energy, the person he is. He’s phenomenal.”

Shit. This is threat level midnight, folks. Here we are just a few days removed of agents and teammates and front office executives all coming out and saying that Durant is going to be a Knick. It was as simple as just waiting for putting pen to paper, they said.

What I didn’t know was Guy Fieri is out here willing to cook an inspirational dinner to keep Durant with Golden State.

I mean think about it. One of the biggest Warriors fans also happens to be the best chef and cook in the world. You don’t just walk away from that. Not when you can have whatever you want cooked for you and the rest of your dignitaries. That’s terrifying.

If Kevin Durant doesn’t become a Knick because of Guy Fieri I swear to God I’m going to lose my shit. Hey, Kevin, ever hear of $20 Chef? He’s in New York. He’ll cook you multiple meals. Note, I haven’t asked Shaun to do this yet, I just like to think he would.