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This Angle Of Jaylen Brown Dunking On Giannis Is One Of The Most Disrespectful Things I've Ever Seen


What a picture.

Jaylen Brown and Giannis have somewhat of a history when it comes to plays at the rim. There was the Jaylen dunk during the regular season that sure looked awesome, but the only problem was it came as the Celtics were getting blown out at home


Well he had another opportunity today and this time we could all enjoy it given the fact the Celts were blowing the Bucks out.

Great off ball movement, saw Khris Middleton not paying attention cut to the open paint and boom, finishing right on Giannis producing one of the greatest photos my eyes have ever seen. I wouldn’t have hated a flex though in that situation, technical foul be damned. It really is a perfect summary of what happened this afternoon when you think about it. Complete domination and disrespect. Not just by Jaylen but by the whole squad. Not a great look for certain people’s MVP after also being made a complete non factor at the hand of Al Horford. Frankly I don’t know how Giannis recovers from something like this. I wouldn’t blame him if he simply decides not to even show up for Game 2. How can you risk having another moment like this?

In the end, it was another solid Playoff Jaylen performance, finishing with 19 points on 8-14 with 3 3PM. Not to mention great defense on the other end which has become the norm for Jaylen over the last few months. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself