Stop Asking Him, Gregg Popovich Won't Write Your Goddamn Article For You


Yeah, man, we were trying to fucking foul. Well, that’s at least what I expected Pop to say here. This is prime Pop. This is also why I love him. I know he’s a grumpy old dude. He’s also arguably the greatest NBA coach of all time. He also delivers shit like this.

Just don’t fucking ask him to write your goddamn article.

Also I want to have some stern words with the guy who asked about Jokic vs Duncan. I’m sorry. I wasn’t aware we were comparing a guy vs the a top-10 (probably 5, for sure 7) player of all time. Since when was that a thing after a 2v7 matchup in the 1st round? A little too early? Yeah no fucking shit, man. This is Duncan.

We need more of this. I’m going to miss Pop press conferences.