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Crazy Dude In The Hood Goes On Naked Rampage With His Intestines Hanging Out Of His Body (Outrageously Graphic)

Jiminy. Fucking. Cricket. It is TOO FUCKING EARLY for the internet to be throwing entrails at me. Absolutely one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen on the internet. Dude has absolutely no clue his intestines are hanging out of his stomach. At the 1:05 mark he asks “Did I get stabbed?” Uhh yea homie! You’re about to trip over your small intestines! I think around 1:15 it starts to set in what happened when he starts moaning all nervous. Reminds me of Frank the Tank when he finally realizes he shot himself with the tranquilizer gun. “Is this bad? Is this bad??”

Just another day in the fucking hood man. People stabbing each other and naked guys on meth with their innards hanging out trying to rip trees out of the ground.

PS – Call the ambalamps! will never get old