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The Browns 2nd Round Pick Has Already Guaranteed A Super Bowl THIS YEAR

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So the Browns moved up three spots last night in the 2nd round to snag LSU’s Greedy Williams, one of the top man-to-man cover corners in the draft. Do I like the pick? No. I love the pick. He was expected by many to get drafted in the 1st round, and the Browns couldn’t wait three more picks to see if he’d still be there at 49. Pairing him alongside Denzel Ward, who made the Pro-Bowl is his rookie year last year, is going to give us two exceptional, young corners. Think about these two lining up alongside each other for the next 5-10 years. I LOVE this pick. You know who else loves it? Greedy Williams. He predicted a Super Bowl appearance for the Browns just minutes after being drafted.

Not in his career. Not within the next couple of years. He said we’re going to the Super Bowl THIS SEASON. A little Greedy, wouldn’t you say? I do think the Browns will be very good this year. I’m on record as saying anything other than an AFC North championship is a failure of a season. But to make this statement just after being drafted to a team you’ve never even practiced with seems like a bit much. Would he have said this anywhere he got picked? Or does he really think the Browns are the best team in the NFL? Or does whatever team he plays for instantly become the best team in the NFL? Regardless, I’m glad he’s our guy. Jarvis Landry is glad too..


Damn, Cleveland is becoming the Bayou of the North. You know those recreated photos that families make of old pictures? I can’t wait to see this touchdown celebration remade 10-15 times this Fall.


Hold that Tiger! What an incredible time to be from Cleveland. Browns fans have every right to be excited, and quite frankly, a little bit cocky right now. We haven’t had a winner in over a million years, but we have without question the most talented team in the division. We should be hosting playoff football in Cleveland this winter. Browns fans should be very confident. But again, the most confident of them all is our 2nd round pick that hasn’t even been to Cleveland yet.

“John Dorsey did a great job just getting the right guys in the right positions,’’ he said. “I feel like this team will be the Super Bowl champs this year. Add me to the team, you have a great corner that can play man to man and even turn the ball back over and let Baker Mayfield capitalize.

“Once the team gets together, it is going to be a dominant team, we are going through the whole league and we are definitely making that Super Bowl.

Once he gets over his lack of confidence problem, I think Greedy will be a very good player for the Browns.