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Bears Trade Up To Take Iowa State Running Back David Montgomery With The 73rd Pick


Ryan Pace said that this is the guy I want and traded up again?!

You betcha.

I’m officially no longer worried about Ryan Pace trading picks. He’s just going to keep doing it every single year until the league is extinct and we don’t have to worry about losing one anymore. Love the strategy.

As for David Montgomery…I obviously like the pick. The Cyclones weren’t Oklahoma or Oklahoma State when it came to Big 12 offense last year, but Montgomery, Burdy, and Butler still did a very nice job.

I talked about him a little bit on Red Line Radio this week:

(scrub to 19:55)

He runs hard and is good in the passing game which is exactly what Nagy wants. Take a look at some of his film.

(shout out to whichever one of my AP’s put that highlight tape together)

You guys know I’m a big Howard guy, but I think Montgomery will quickly make me feel okay about losing #24.

Bear Down.

P.S. – How about my guy Olin looking handsome as fuck