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Chicago Avengers Dogs Of The Week (No Spoilers)

Sup guys. Carl went and saw Avengers End Game last night and they thought they were leaving me out of it but I actually streamed it through this Ukranian website my buddy Meatloaf told me about at day care so I ended up watching it last night alone while he was out fucking around.

I thought it was a pretty good movie. My favorite Marvel character is Lockjaw but they refuse to put him in any movies and it’s starting to piss me off

609010._SX360_QL80_TTD_Anyways, shoutout to the producers for managing the A-list roster of celebrities. Idk how you keep that many people happy but if it ever involves dogs I would like to volunteer my services. Some of my skills include not doing jack shit 20 hours a day and showing you all my friends from this week on Friday afternoons which is why we’re here in the first place.

I’m getting confused.

I miss Lockjaw.

These are my friends and their favorite Marvel characters. Hope you guys have a safe weekend and get up in some weird shit. -SP