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Garbage Truck Driver Destroys NJ Home After Sneezing While Driving

NBC New York – A garbage truck driver in New Jersey lost control of his truck and crashed into a house, sparking a fire where a mother was getting her three children ready for school on Tuesday, officials said. The mayor of East Hanover said the driver may have sneezed and lost control, and that a can might also have become stuck under the brake pedal. The fire gutted a large section of the home, but the parents were able to get everyone out safely, and the dad helped pull the driver out of the truck. Firefighters had to spread trash over the lawn to extinguish the burning debris. The mother, Sandra Guillaume, told NBC 4 New York that she and the children, twin 4-year-old girls and a 7-year-old boy, had just left the girls’ room when the truck slammed into that side of the house. “The house shook and the next thing we knew, it started smoking,” she said. She said she feels so lucky that the truck narrowly missed her family. The crash crippled the house so badly that it had to be demolished. “We will be OK, just have to start over I guess,” Guillaume said. The truck driver hurt his head in the crash and was taken to the hospital, but he’s expected to be OK. St. Rose of Lima Church in East Hanover is accepting donations to help the family.

There’s only one thing more dangerous in this entire world than sneezing while driving. And thats sneezing while you’re trying to hold in a shit. In both circumstances you lose absolute control of your body and you may suffer a major tragedy. Sometimes you may drive your garbage truck right through the fucking side of a house in Hanover, NJ. Other times you may shart all over your buttcheeks. In either scenario, its a very sad, very smelly situation. And you can’t even blame anyone for the aftermath. Its just an act of god.