WWE Ref Snaps His Leg In The Middle Of A Match But Still Makes The 3 Count

Listen. You read that headline. You clicked on the blog. Obviously you’re about to see a broken leg. I feel like that probably shouldn’t need a disclaimer or anything but yeah. I’m not a doctor or anything but this is a snapped bone for sure.

I don’t think I’d ever expect WWE refs to be a bunch of bitches. But I also don’t know if I’d ever expect them to just keep going about their job while their foot is just dangling off of their leg. Aren’t these matches fake? Don’t they already know who is going to win? I’m just saying that they probably could have just let that match end without the official 3 count. But this man right here? This WWE NXT ref?

What an absolute legend. As long as his heart is beating, he’s going to call a good, clean fight. He’s not going to let the fact that his leg is in 2 pieces stop him from finishing that match. Tough as nails right there. Whatever he’s making, double it. And he shouldn’t be stuck doing these minor league shows anymore. You finish out a match like that and you deserve to be on the biggest stage in the game. What an animal.

Also–how about the fact that absolutely nobody was helping him? Not the other ref. Neither of the wrestlers. Nobody. Not a single soul. Dude is just rolling around there on the floor with his leg in 2 and everybody is just carrying on as if it’s business as usual.