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Arrested Development Banana Stand Coming To New York City

GothamistNetflix is launching the Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand Worldwide Tour today in London, as you can see above. And it will include special surprise appearances by the Bluth family and friends. It’ll also be stopping in NYC and LA, probably closer to the release of the new episodes—the banana stand’s location will be revealed on the official Twitter account, @ArrestedDev. From what we can tell, they are making frozen bananas—which makes us really want to rip up the walls and see just how real it really is.

I don’t think I’ve ever gone sightseeing once in New York City. When you live here you just don’t take the time to go traipsing around the city to look at shit with tourists. Never got a chance to go to the Twin Towers. Never been to the Statue of Liberty. Only reason I’ve ever been to the Empire State Building is because my dad used to work there.

But you can bet your fucking ass I will go see the Bluth Banana Stand when it comes to New York City. They could put it smack in the middle of Times Square or out in the far reaches of Staten Island and I’d still make the trip to see it. Its one of the most iconic things in TV history. I’d love to smoke some weed, eat a chocolate covered frozen banana, and listen to Big Yellow Joint. And I don’t even like bananas or smoke weed. I just can’t wait for someone to inevitably burn it down. Can you imagine that? In the middle of the night someone burns down the banana stand. That would be outrageously classic.

PS – I’ve got full blown Arrested Development fever. I’m rewatching every episode now in anticipation for the May 26th premiere of Season 4. If you’re a big fan and you’re on twitter, I’m doing Arrested Development trivia every day at 2pm. Whoever wins the most between now and May 26th wins free Barstool gear. We’re only three days in and theres only been a couple winners so its still wide open. Follow me on twitter @KFCBarstool if you’re interested