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Just When Things Couldn't Get Worse UMBC's Notorious Twitter Account Kicked Giants Fans Square In The Nuts


Alright, UMBC. I’ve had about enough of you now. This roasting of other teams and people was fun for a little bit. But, now you crossed the damn line and you’ve insulted the Giants and me two times now.

It was great when you roasted Seth Davis:


I laughed when you roasted Francesa:

I began to get annoyed when you tweeted this:

And now this. This you just looked me right in the eyes and kicked me square in the gonads. Sure, I could do the same and say you’re holding on for dear life of relevancy. I can say I was in attendance when Northern Kentucky kicked your ass. But, I’m better than that, UMBC. I’m just going to blog about it.

Just know I’m not happy. If I wasn’t at a low point as a Giants fan I’d bring you down with me. Reminding you that Vermont will continue to dominate America East. That your one time crazy upset of Virginia will be remembered but you will lose relevancy every single year. Again, I’m not going to do that though.

Fucking Giants.