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Polish Man Blows Up His Own House After Finding Out His Wife And Kids Went To A Picnic Without Him

Orange.ukA Polish man blew up his own house when he realised his wife and children had gone on a picnic without him. Czeslaw Kaminski, 69, was so incensed when he woke to find a note from his wife to say that she had gone away for the day with the children that he decided to destroy the family home. But after lighting a fire in the basement and throwing two gas cylinders on top of the property in the village of Chechlo Drugie, near Lodz, he failed to leave in time and was caught in the blast when the house was blown to smithereens. He was taken to hospital by an air ambulance where his condition was described as critical. Hospital spokesman Bozena Kozanecka said he was in a coma in intensive care. The man’s wife Grazyna said: “He called me on the mobile phone and demanded that I go home, but when I refused he said he was going to get revenge. I did not take him seriously and then I returned home to find this.” Neighbours told local media that the couple’s relationship was excitable and that there were often heated arguments.

What a fucking power move this is. Minus the blowing yourself up. That part not so much, but thats inevitable for a Polish guy. Everything other than that is straight Alpha Male. Oh you wanna go to a picnic without me? You wanna get out of the house for the day? How about getting out of the house for the rest of your fucking life toots! I’m blowing this shit to kingdom come! He even told her straight up he was gonna get revenge and she tried to call his bluff. Well the joke’s on you now babe! You gotta pick me up at the hospital when I come out of this coma and we no longer have a house.

Lesson to be learned here is never doubt a Pollack who’s been scorned by his picnicking family. He can and will blow the house up.