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The Giants Select Dexter Lawrence With The 17th Pick!!!

That’s cool I guess. Units respect Units and I clearly respect the fuck out of Dexter Lawrence. The Giants went from drafting a guy who was a 0-star recruit with the 6th overall pick to drafting the number 2 overall prospect in the 2016 recruiting class fresh off a national championship with the 17th overall pick. So that feels like a slight upgrade. Lawrence not playing in the playoffs due to being suspended for a PED would be a red flag on some boards. But not mine. If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying. And if you can swallow up the run game like my guy Snacks did once upon a time, you are cool in my book.

So I’m not going to get too high or low about this pick because even if the Giants drafted LT reincarnated, my simple brain is too shot from what happened earlier in the night. But Lawrence growing up as a Giants fan and name dropping Fred Robbins has him in my Top 5 favorite Giants already.

However some Giants fans are not looking for the bright things in life right now.