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Jets Select Quinnen Williams (DT, Alabama) With The 3rd Pick In The 2019 NFL Draft

I love this pick. All the dominos fell exactly as we thought they would, so things could’ve gone a few ways. My gut was saying the Jets were gonna trade back, load up on some picks and go after a pass rusher wherever they ended up in the 1st round.

HOWEVAH, Quinnen Williams was the best player available, and the last 2 times Maccagnan has gone BPA in the early 1st round, things have worked out pretty nicely. (Sam Darnold and Jamal Adams, ever heard of ‘em?)

I’ll dive into why I like Quinnen Williams and why I think he’ll be significantly better than the other Williams on our D-line soon enough, but tonight there’s very little that needs to be said. He was the best lineman in college football last year on either side of the ball. He dominated all year in the center of the Alabama defense. Frankly, I just love the fact that he went to Alabama. Another dawg who can come in and work and change the culture in our locker room.

My final note. I don’t remember who said it but I was watching one of the NFL Pre-Draft shows this afternoon when I heard someone talk about Quinnen Williams, describing him as a “300 LB bar of soap”. That’s all I needed to hear. That’s the coolest fucking scouting report I’ve ever heard about an interior defensive lineman. Good luck to the rest of the AFC East and the entire league trying to deal with these guys on Sundays next season. I need it to be August immediately.