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Wake Up With Nick Swisher Spearing Vicente Padilla After Being Hit By A Pitch
I was never a big Nick Swisher guy, he just didn't do it for me. But I do love seeing this out of him. The announcer had said that Swisher was hit twice in previous games, so he probably had it in his mind that "if I get hit again, I'm charging." He gets one in the ribs and is off immediately. Padilla wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with it too, he dodged the initial tackle, and then literally started to crawl away. He raised his fist like he was going to let the blows come down, but then he stopped and crawled away again. What a puss. This fight looked like we were going to get a full on brawl, but it evaporated quickly. Leave it to Swish to try and ignite a brawl with almost a picture perfect tackle.