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Christian Yelich Told Rhys Hoskins He Had An "A+ Home Run Trot" After He Damn Near Walked Around The Bases Following His Bomb Off Jacob Rhame

Home run trot for reference:


So I guess that is the final verdict for the Rhys vs. Rhame battle, huh? Mets fans were screaming that the Phillies overreacted to Rhame letting a purpose pitch sail toward Hoskins’ head while Phillies fans took issue with a ball flying at their young first basemen’s dome. I saw both sides of the argument. Then Hoskins hit a moonshot, took his sweet ass time by taking baby steps around the diamond, and that was that. He finally vanquished his enemy, the terrifying Jacob Rhame.

Christian Yelich clearly appreciated the trot enough to immediately compliment Hoskins, so I guess that’s MLB’s official ruling since Christian Yelich now owns the entire league. And if the new king of baseball approved of the trot, I guess that helps explain Rhame getting a two game suspension for that pitch getting away from him.

So just like that Jacob Rhame went from another bullpen arm to the Bad Boy of Major League Baseball because a pitch got away from him. So now Mr. Hot Cross Buns with the viola has gone rogue and become the cold blooded killer that should for now on be known as The Rhames of Castamere


More of the Yelich interview is coming tomorrow on a special third episode of We Gotta Believe. The reigning and current favorite for the next NL MVP is a pretty decent for guest for a podcast that is 1 day old. In case you missed either of the first two episodes that dropped yesterday, here they are:

iTunes link coming tomorrow, I think. I hope. I honestly don’t know. Like KFC said, this has been the Luis Castillo of podcast launches outside of the content being good in my very unbiased opinion