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The People of Nashville Boo Roger Goodell on Behalf of a Grateful Nation

I have to confess, a small part of me was concerned when the NFL moved the draft out of Radio City Music Hall and put it up for sale to the highest bidder like just another trade show. Not because I was worried about them cheapening the event or losing its integrity. But just out of a sense that maybe, perhaps, these smaller cities populated by nicer, more polite and genteel people would not throw the great vengeance and furious anger at Roger Goodell that New Yorkers did. The pure, unbridled disgust he deserves.

Fortunately, I had nothing to worry about. Hatred for Ginger Satan is universal. It’s not just a Northeastern thing or owned only by our major media markets. It cuts across all demographic groups. It unites us. Rich and poor. Urban and rural. Man, woman and trans. White, black, brown, Asian and mixed race. It is the one last emotion that truly keeps the unity in United States of America.

So thank you to the good, decent, people of Nashville for saying what we all feel. And next time you get the chance, watch that Kevin Costner movie “Draft Day,” particularly the scene where Goodell takes the podium to thunderous applause. And file it away for the next time someone rips a movie for being unrealistic because dinosaurs come to life or Princess Leia flies through space. Nothing in the history of cinema has ever been phonier than that piece of shit NOT getting viciously booed by the nation.