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No Matter Which Team Takes Which Player, Vince Wilfork Won the 2019 NFL Draft



There comes a moment on every red carpet when one star plants their sword into the ground, establishes their dominance, and demonstrates that the night truly belongs to them. Empires are built on such moments. From Madonna in the 80s to Halley Berry in the ’90s to Charlize Theron in the 2000s.

Well in the 2010s, no one has owned the red carpet like Vince Wilfork. Or any moment of haute couture, really:


Some people can rock an outfit, and some people simply cannot. And VW has proven he has a fashion sense that no one else can match. Particularly when it comes to the “Bare Arms” look. It’s just unfair. Imagine being DeAngelo Williams, showing up in his Willie Wonka-inspired outfit, thinking he’d steal the show. Or my close, personal friend Michael Irvin:

Me & Michael Irvin

… wearing an embroidered white jacket assuming no one else would. And don’t even get me started on Melissa Stark’s dress, which would’ve been the talk of the night on any any other night that didn’t involve VW.

Damn. I used to think Wilfork was simply one of the best interior defensive linemen I’ve seen in my life who might struggle adjusting to his post-football career. And in doing so, I totally missed that he would be one of the world’s great fashion icons. Already I can’t wait to see what outfit he’ll be rocking next year.