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This Is The Difference Between The Isles And Pens


This is it right here. This is the difference in this series. Both teams are getting shitty goaltending. Nabby has let in 3 goals in 7 straight playoff games. The Pens already gave up on Fleury and have turned to their backup. Taveras and the Islanders have proven they can go goal for goal with Crosby and the rest of the Pens all stars. The difference is this shit right here. Its Travis Hamonic absolutely abusing Malkin and Crosby. Its Matty Martin taking on the entire Penguins bench and laughing in their faces as he gives them fucking noogies. Its Kyle Okposo taunting Kris Letang and leaving Penguins bloodied skating off the ice. The Isles are tougher. Rougher. Got more heart and more fight in em. At even strength, the Pens can’t hang with these guys. They’re soft. They’re scared. They turn to the refs looking for help. Fuck, they even cross check them when they don’t get their way:

The Isles are making Pittsburgh play Bash Brothers hockey when they’re a bunch of cake eaters. They just can’t hang. Bottom line is if the Isles stay out of the box and manage the Pens PP, Pittsburgh just flat out isn’t strong enough to win 2 more.

PS – Like my Mighty Ducks reference? Its about all I got when it comes to my hockey blogging repertoire. Viva La Bandwagon! Viva La Stool!