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Are You Sitting Down Because I Have Shocking News To Share, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Is Broke


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(Source) Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino is trying to clean up the legal mess he’s caused.  The 32-year-old, who earned a large sum on MTV’s Jersey Shore, has become so broken that he was forced to sell his custom Ferrari tires on Ebay on Wednesday. The ‘Situation approved’ bidding war occurred as a result of the millions he allegedly owes in taxes after being indicted for fraud with brother Marc in September. Though the auction was scheduled to conclude next week, Mike ended it when one lucky internet shopper offered $9,999 for the set of four used tires.And Ebay is just one outlet Mike is utilizing to earn fast cash before he goes to trial. 

While he was scheduled to go in front of a judge on December 2, the brothers were granted a request to delay the trial until March 2015 so Mike and his fiancee, Laura Pesce, can appear WE TV’s Marriage Boot Camp. From 2009 until 2012, the reality star gained notoriety for his reckless behavior, including partying, promiscuity, and multiple accounts of violence on the reality series. 

After earning a whopping 2.55 million per season, according to Radar Online, Mike has been forced to downsize and get back to work after a seven-count indictment, including conspiracy to defraud the United States and failure to file taxes. Prosecutors alleged that he and his sibling filed false tax returns and inflated business expenses to avoid tax fees on about $9 million in income. It is up to judge’s discretion, but it is possible that Sorrentino could face jail time.

Now wait just a second. You mean to tell me the guy who had no discernible talent, the guy that became famous for getting drunk and showing people his abs, the guy who has the IQ of a monkey, that guy is now broke? Shut up. I don’t believe it. Just never saw this one coming in a million years. I mean if Mike The Situation Sorrentino can’t be trusted with obscene amounts of money that he didn’t even deserve in the first place who can we trust? Unbelievable news through and through. Bet he got scammed or something, couldn’t possibly be due to poor money management, tax fraud and bad investments, no chance. We’ll get this all straightened out Mike, I’m sure of it.
Need a reality television crew to follow him around all day offering him cash to do stupid and degrading shit. We’ll call it “The Jersey Shore” or something. Hey wait, nevermind.