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The Newest Bond Girl, Ana de Armas, is a Rocket Ship Smokeshow

This morning the new characters for ‘Bond 25′ were revealed, and with that came the announcement of the new Bond Girl.

Meet Ana de Armas. She is a rocket ship. ROCKET. SHIP.

I L-O-V-E LOVE this girl.

She’s been in two raunchy sex scenes in the movies Knock, Knock and Hands of Steel. Do not click on these if you are at work. You will get fired. Wait until you’re home, but definitely do it because she’s a weapon.



I feel like she’s the type of girl that would ride your dick right off your body. Having sex with her is like having sex on ecstasy. Once you do it, sex will never be the same.

I first got introduced to Ana in the movie War Dogs where she plays Miles Teller’s wife. I wanted to immediately abandon my family and marry her after watching that film. The only reason I saw Knock, Knock was because of her. She did not disappoint. I feel like some of you won’t say she’s perfect, but that just means there are less of you to kill in my path to eternal happiness with her.

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 3.25.12 PM

I am out of breath from writing this blog. April 8.2020. I’m all in on Bond 25.