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Good News Though, Trevor Rosenthal Is Getting Better (Threw 3 Wild Pitches, A Walk, Hit A Batter & Gave Up 3 Earned Runs)

I love it. That’s my manager. In an outing where objectively bad…no…objectively horrible, Davey had his back. Gotta love it.

It’s actually crazy what is happening to Rosenthal. The yips times a million times a billion. His “better” appearance included 3 wild pitches and a hit batter while giving up 3 ER. To be fair though, he did lower his ERA after a 3 run inning from 40.50 to 36.00, so that’s a solid win. Maybe that’s what Davey is talking about.

To be honest, I think his time in DC gotta be done. Or he needs to go on the DL (wait, it’s IL now, that’s still weird to type) and regroup and figure it out. It must be so mentally draining for him. To go from being able to paint the black throwing 98 to having no idea where the next pitch he throws will end up. It’s brutal. 3 wild pitches, 3 earned runs, a walk, and a hit batter in 1 inning. That’s just not gonna cut it, if I may be so bold to say. The Nats gotta get someone else in the pen who gives them a fighting chance. I feel terrible for Rosenthal, but it just is what it is at this point. Hopefully he can figure it out, but it can’t be on the mound in a regular season game.