Everyone Debating The Knicks Gameplan Needs To Just Pipe Down

So I’ve been hearing all sorts of rumblings today on other blogs and sports radio debating what sort of lineup the Knicks should put out there for game 2. Talking about more playing time for Kenyon Martin so that he can guard David West. More offensive touches for guys like Chandler or Shumpert. Playing a big lineup to deal with Hibbert. It ain’t happening folks. Mike Woodson and the Knicks are not gonna change everything they’ve done  up to this point based off of 1 loss. The Knicks lost game 1, and game 4 and 5 of the Celtics series, for 1 reason and 1 reason only. Carmelo and JR Smith played poorly. Thats it. They rely almost exclusively on big time shooting efforts from those 2 guys. When they dont get them, they lose.

They’re like the Yankees of the NBA right now. The Yankees rode big time bats to the playoffs last year. Relied on the long ball. Never once even considered small ball. And when they slumped in the playoffs every Yankee fan under the sun wanted Tex laying down bunts and Cano trying to manufacture runs. Asking players to completely change what they’ve done for their whole careers because of one bad week. Thats not how it works. You can’t change your style of play and your game plan for the past 90 games.

Thats the Knicks right now. They can’t be worrying about slowing down the Pacers offense. You’re gonna change your line up to defend against David fucking West? Caving to the Pacers style and trying to beat them in low scoring, defensive basketball? For sure not. Either Carmelo and JR Smith get our of their funk or they lose. We said all season they would live or die by it. That doesn’t change in the playoffs.