Brazil Has A New Face In The Fight Against Testicular Cancer, And His Name Is "Mr. Balls"

GawkerBuried in the photo gallery of a recent event attended by the Associação de Assistência às Pessoas com Câncer, a Brazilian non-profit that helps people with cancer, is a photo of its horrifying mascot. The mascot, we are told, goes by the “Mr. Balls,” and he works to raise awareness about testicular cancer. According to the AAPC website and courtesy of some Google-translating, “Both children and adults loved taking pictures with the mascot , a friendly snowman in the shape of testicle.” Is it the pubic hair that is so off-putting or the buckteeth? Definitely the buckteeth. Or maybe it’s the bowl-cut. God, he (it?) is disturbing.

Mr. Balls, everybody. Please have your little girls form a single-file line & wait their turn for a picture next to a giant ball bag with lumps and the most ridiculous pubes ever.

Looks like an albino Grimace after chemo. I don’t really get the correlation between little kids frolicking with nut sacks and testicular cancer awareness but hey, I’m not on the Associação de Assistência às Pessoas com Câncer. What do I know? Maybe making balls a lovable, cartoonish character will do the trick. Or maybe it’ll just cause awkward moments all across Brazil when dad’s commando under his basketball shorts & his surprised little princess dives in to give Mr. Balls a big hug & kiss.