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Lil Nas X Says He Might Change His Stage Name Out Of Respect For Nas

SOURCE – Lil Nas X has already displayed his utmost respect for rappers like Young Thung and singers like Beyonce. The country-rap star has so much admiration for the OG’s who came before him that he’s actually considering switching his name up seemingly out of respect for Nas.

Earlier this week (April 23), the “Old Town Road” singer-rapper, who was born Montero Lamar Hill, hit up his Twitter timeline to clear the air about the roots of his stage name. In his tweet, Lil Nas X emphasized his thoughts about Nasir’s legendary status and asserts that he never meant any disrespect by the name.


Lil Nas X is a genius for a few reasons. He’s a genius for coming up with Old Two Road (the number 1 song in the country). He’s a genius for the way he’s marketed the song on social media leading it to become the number 1 song in the country. He’s a genius for getting Billy Ray Cyrus on the remix and expanding the audience he’s catering too. But here he’s a genius for showing respect to the OG’s of the rap game.

So many of the new up and coming rappers nowadays want to diss the fuck out of the older rappers who paved the way for the young guys to be where they are today. It never made any sense to me. Why diss people who have been successful and respected for decades in the industry you’re attempting to infiltrate? You don’t just get respect you have to earn respect and you sure as hell don’t earn respect by disrespecting legends (Kodak take notes).

Lil Nas X just seems to me like a guy who gets it. I know it’s so early on for him but he seems very appreciative of the very fast ride he’s had to the top and wants to do everything he can to keep the momentum going. He had negative money in his Wells Fargo account just a few months ago and now he’s the most buzzing name on the music scene. Showing respect to one of the best lyricist of all time is not only the smart move, but came off as genuine.

Lil Nas X using Nas in his name had crossed my mind but I just assumed maybe his legal name was Nassir or something close to that but apparently that’s not the case. I don’t know where the name Lil Nas X originated from but he couldn’t have handled the situation any better. Do the right thing and show respect to rap legends like Nas. Gaining respect in the music industry is so crucial to longevity and I see Lil Nas X as someone who has the right mindset and vision to stick around for the long haul. Everyone wants to shout out the very easy, lazy and hater ass responses like “he’s trash!” or “He’s a one hit wonder!”, but the people who say that don’t have a fucking clue. He has quite a few snippets of songs he has ready in the chamber that are absolute HEAT. So keep talking all that shit in the comment section while Lil Nas X is out here making his dreams come true while your stupid no talent ass sits on the couch and watches him blossom into a big time player in the music game.

In the words of Trinidad James…. Don’t believe me, just watch.

All three of these songs sound fucking FIRE.