This Poor Bloke Sneezes THIRTY Times Every Minute (Unless He's In A Hall Closet)

This story is a nightmare and a delight all at the same time.

You see, I too sneeze. That’s right. I’ve sneezed many a time over the course of my life. I hate it. You know why? Because like this sneezy fella, I’m a freak. Nearly every single time I walk from a shadow into direct sunlight, I sneeze. If I get out of my car and step into the sunlight, I snezze.

My mother does. My daughters do. I’m not sure about my grandparents. But I imagine they do as well.

Usually I sneeze 3x and then I can go on with my day. This fella cant do that unless he’s locks himself inside the hall closet.

To me, that is hell. It’s hell for 2 reasons.

1. Who in the world wants to sneeze all day every day? How does he sleep?
2. He sneezes like a little baby backed bitch. Of all the sneezes I’ve heard in my life, those are the most pussy sneezes I’ve come across. In fact, those sneezes should be called face queefs. I know that’s offensive but honestly, I’ve heard pussy farts that were louder and more manly than whatever this mustard colored bitch boy was doing.


That being said, his mom knows how to get a fit off and somehow she looks younger than him.

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 12.20.42 PM

PS. Imagine if this dude is still alive. Fucking 40 years later he’s minding his own business sneezing his dick off and Charles Wooley takes a dump right in his mouth with Rick Gervais just laughing it up. Probably cried and sneezed salty snot all over the hallway closet.