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Amanda Bynes Shrine Pops Up In The East Village

MetroIs Amanda Bynes officially a New Yorker now that she has a shrine in her honor? East Village blog EV Grieve posted a photo of shrine on East Ninth and Stuyvesant. The shrine, including a photo and candles with Bynes’ face on them, is in honor of the actress who has lately been caught in what some are calling a downward spiral.

Was I in the East Village last night? Maybe I was. Maybe I wasn’t. Just everyone make sure prays to the Patron Saint of Crazy before they go to bed every night to keep the twitpics coming.

PS – I don’t know whats more fascinating – the downward spiral of Bynes or how obsessed the general public has become with the downward spiral? Its almost like the manhunt for the Boston bombers or Charles Ramsey stealing the spotlight from Amanda Berry being rescued. Its like people just completely ignore the tragedy that has occurred all because there’s something funny going on associated with it on the internet. Bynes’ will be dead or in jail soon and I just can’t get enough of it. Oh well! Court dismissed, bring in the dancing lobsters!