I'm Worried That Britney Is On The Verge Of Another Breakdown And I Don't Like It One Bit

I’m not even joking, that video is not Britney. To quote Barstool Fran, “I mean someone has a gun to her head off screen”. That is weird, scary stuff.

The caption too. Obviously not written by her.

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 12.28.43 PM

Just for some background in case you missed it, Britney has seemingly been under control of her father for the better part of a decade. He has controlled her every move, her finances, everything. They call it a “conservatorship”, where an adult is basically stripped of their rights to make decisions for themselves. It’s often due to mental health reasons, of which we know Britney has battled in her life. And that, of course, all stems from being a child-star, a sex symbol at 17 years old, and the subsequent torture of the music industry.

And now it looks like she is making forced statements. I mean that above video is just not normal. She looks broken. And as it turns out, she’s been in a mental health facility for the last month.


So there are a lot of questions on both sides- is Britney unstable and needs this conservatorship, or is she being manipulated and controlled and stripped of her freedoms? To be honest, it seems like it’s a never ending vicious circle. There are other factors involved like greed and money, but while Britney seems like she probably isn’t doing great, the steps they are taking to help her also seem to be hurting her. I’m no psychologist of course, just a blogger trying to break this down, but the whole situation seems pretty bad and messy.

There is a #FreeBritney campaign where he fans think she is perfectly fine on her own and being held captive. That’s somewhat true in my eyes, but I also think she is unstable. Honestly, I think the moral of this story (and man, we have seen it in a billion other cases) is don’t let your kids be Disney stars. So many kids stars get so messed up in the head, it’s insane.

Honestly, we just gotta hope Britney comes out the other side, once again. She’s such a legend, I’d hate to see anything bad happen to her.