David Griffin Basically Credits Danny Ainge For Giving Him A Life So I Would Say That's A Good Sign

The #1 question the second David Griffin accepted the GM position for the Pelicans was how this impacted a potential Anthony Davis trade. Which prospects does he value more, does he have a better relationship with the Lakers front office than Dell Demps, what is his relation ship with Ainge, things of that nature. I know there were some fellow Celtics fans that thought maybe this hiring was bad for their chances in a potential Anthony Davis sweepstakes. Well, watching that video I don’t know how you could feel that way. Obviously just like with every GM that sees Ainge calling they are already on the defensive in an attempt to not be his latest victim on a long list of previously swindled GMs. But you heard the man, he is where he is today because of Danny Ainge. I didn’t know they had that type of history and that makes me feel pretty damn good. It may not work in his favor as much as it did with Kevin McHale during the Big 3 trade, or even Ryan McDonough in the Isaiah trade. Two guys that have Celtics ties that both for the most part were taken advantage of.


Now the history of these two isn’t exactly Celtics related but I would say there’s something to be said with Ainge basically giving this dude a life. He’s right though, Ainge isn’t going to be able to pull one over on Griffin and that’s OK. I think we’ve all accepted that if this trade actually does happen, it’ll be a situation where Ainge pays close to the full asking price. His challenge is finding a combination that works that doesn’t include giving up every single piece he has. This isn’t going to be a Nets situation where it’s so lopsided the rest of the league flips their shit. It’s going to hurt no matter what the overall package is, so anyone who thinks Ainge is just going to work his magic and make Griffin bend the knee I think is barking up the wrong tree.

I do appreciate that Griffin is still trying to play this like he isn’t about to trade Davis and that he doesn’t anticipate having the conversation anytime soon. Ok guy, whatever you say. For all we know he’s probably already had the conversation. We basically already know his asking price given what he said before he took the job

So now it’s time for Ainge to remind him that he wouldn’t even be in this position if it wasn’t for all the hype he gave him while coaching the Suns and somehow coming to an agreement where everyone gets what they want aka somehow keeping Jayson Tatum. Friends do friends favors all the time so I don’t see how that couldn’t happen.