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Aqib Talib Is Going To Beat The Shit Out Of Whoever Runs This Twitter Account

I shouldn’t have to write this, I really shouldn’t. It’s 2019. Aqib Talib has been in the NFL since 2008. We all know who Aqib Talib is and what type of action he is about. To insult him privately, publicly, silently in your own mind in the comfort of your home, is a bad idea. Because he will fight about it. Wont think twice. Even if you don’t own a chain he’ll snatch your chain. And if you post a video of Steve Smith Sr. telling him to “Ice Up” years after the incident trying to make a point about the toughness of of JuCo football players, you will likely end up hospitalized. Which, I think we can all agree, is fair and just.

The only way this works out well for the person running this account is if it is owned and operated by Steve Smith Sr. himself. Which I wont rule out. Because I refuse to believe there’s a football fan out there stupid enough to know who Aqib Talib is and think he wouldn’t pull up to your front door over this. Like I get there are a lot of dumb dumbs out there but no one could be this dumb.