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Eh, You Probably Shouldn't Have Kids If You're Going To Lock Them In A Makeshift Crib

ABC - Twin boys, 3, were found locked in cage-like cribs in Modoc County in Northern California.

The modified cribs were stacked on top of each other with numerous plywood panels and metal hooks attached to keep the toddlers from escaping.

Officers serving a warrant made the discovery. Officials arrested 25-year-old Ramon Alberto Zendejas and his girlfriend, 25-year-old Mercadies Irene Williams. 

Inside the home, investigators said they found evidence of a marijuana honey oil lab, methamphetamine, firearms and ammunition.

I mean what a fucking structure that thing is

cribsIt’s just aggressively thrown together like any shitty boarded up door from an alien invasion/zombie apocalypse movie.

Now I’m not trying to jump to conclusions here, but if I had to guess I’d say that some angry meth head smashed a couple cribs/took a bunch of other random wood pieces, and started tossing shit together with no rhyme or reason.

Then ended up with a product that led us to believe he was training these kids for their first Punjabi prison match.


My only questions are:

A) How did they decide who got the top bunk? Was this strictly an older kid thing? Maybe the kid on top had more room because he was a little taller?

B) This is a weird scenario where if you’re going to be piece of shit parents then why did you even build the cages? Like they clearly don’t care about the kids, but they care just enough to make sure that they’re not running wild? I don’t know strange circumstances arise when your household is filled with methamphetamine, firearms, and ammunition, I guess.


I’m just happy that these kids were discovered and are alright before anything worse could’ve happened to them. Hopefully they will move on to parents who love them and give them the care that they deserve. The moral of the story still stands by the headline of the blog…if you’re going to lock your kids in a crate then just don’t have kids!

Pretty simple.