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Reader Email - If Your Friend Does A Jack And Jill Bachelor/Bachelorette Party You Have To End The Friendship

(if you agree to this you’re as gay as that kid’s strut)
Reader Email:

This from a friend of a friends fiancé – she wants a jack and jill – he doesn’t.  She sent this to all the guys going to his bach party – Please blog on this so this poor kid mans up and doesn’t marry this wack job -

Original Email:
Hey Guys,
I just wanted to address some stuff because apparently there is now huge issue regarding what Anderson & I had decided we wanted to do for our bachelor/bachelorette party before our wedding.
From what I understand, my words about what I said about the event got totally misconstrued. I never said I was planning the whole thing, never said that it was a my way or the highway situation. We had not even set a date, we were actually planning on sending and email to everyone to get their thoughts & input on the situation & choose the best time. So all you boys on the East Coast – no one was ever trying to screw you out of the situation ever – and frankly im not even sure who told you that. My comment about “then they just dont have to come” was in regards to the fact that Anderson said the same thing when he said he didn’t want to have it in AC (when he has being pressured to change his mind) & really wants to do it in Vegas because he has never partied there before.
Just to get this clear, Anderson told me he wanted to do this. It was not just me, I did not by any means twist his arm for this situation. So i’d appreciate if you all would lay off of the accusing when you know none of the facts. This was never put in plan to “baby sit” you guys. Why would I want to do that on my one night alone? Please, the last thing i want to do is you guys around all night – I’m not like that and I don’t care. We just thought it would be fun for everyone to party/get to know each other (for one night) before we are all in one house together in Hawaii – yes, it was an innocent as that. We weren’t even planning on staying in the same room, we were going to get two suites to stay separate. We were both planning on having our boys/girls plan our one big night & then having Amber & Dallis plan the night together.
With all that said, just wanted to let you know that you guys get your way. It will be separate. I will say that I am extremely disappointed & sad with the fact that multiple people pipped up & voiced their opinion. I’d like to remind you all that this is OUR wedding and no one gets an opinion in anything besides Anderson & I. There is no reason that Anderson & I have to fight & change our plans because his friends don’t agree with something that we both wanted to do. This is our one day where we are supposed to just be happy & enjoy everything – which has not be the case in this situation. Please in the future, just sit back and enjoy the ride or just dont come.
I am not writing this email to be agressive or mean or anything but to set the facts straight because no one even knew all of them.

Nicole could not be wrong in saying that the bachelor weekend is “OUR” day. The bachelor weekend has absolutely nothing to do with the bride and groom. It barely has anything to do with the groom other than the fact that he doesn’t have to pay for anything. The bachelor weekend is the weekend for the friends. Their buddy is going off to war and he’s never coming home. They know it and he knows it. It’s a way to say goodbye forever. The couple can have the wedding day and all that gay stuff, that can be their day. But at the bachelor party the last thing anyone wants to deal with is when Jill comes tumbling down after Jack falls over shitfaced and breaks his crown at the strip club. They know it’s the last time they’ll ever see their buddy without that annoying bitch who sent that awful email on his arm.

And if you’re invited to one of these parties? Don’t even RSVP to wedding and cease contact forever. A friend who won’t let you have fun at his bachelor party was never a friend to begin with.

PS – Love Nicole employing the Ricky Bobby method of being a dick. Like he would say “with all do respect” before cutting you off at the knees, Nicole is an aggressive Bridezilla before ending with “that wasn’t supposed to be aggressive.” Touche.

Double PS – GOOD FUCKING LUCK to the wedding party after Nicole gets wind of this.