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Enes Kanter Thanks The Knicks For Waiving Him So He Could Play In The Second Round Of The Playoffs

I don’t blame him one bit for this. I mean, I know Clem hates Enes Kanter. Seriously, he HATES him. I can’t. The guy is a Kentucky dude, fighting Turkey and spent time with the Knicks. Was he an asshole at the end with the Knicks? Sure. But, you play for them and try not to be an asshole. Hell, you cheer for them and try not to be an asshole. I’m pretty sure Clem is the only guy in the world who cheers for the Knicks and hasn’t been an asshole in his life.

But, he had no chance playing in the second round of the playoffs with the Knicks. Not until next year when it’s Durant, Zion and Kyrie/Kemba or maybe Anthony Davis. So, yeah, he should thank the Knicks for this.

Kanter was huge in this series too. He averaged 13/10 while battling Steven Adams and shooting 57% from the floor. Not too shabby for a guy that couldn’t play for the Knicks.

Oh and you thought he wouldn’t be even more petty about it:

Just know next year. Next year the Knicks will be in the second round of the playoffs (please).